09-21-19 The Belasco Theatre

Asi Vidal Rosh Hashana 2019 party fire
Rosh Hashana 2019 party 

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Asi Vidal Shavuot 2019
Asi Vidal Shavuot 2019

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Independance LA flyer english

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Passover party 2019 flyer Asi Vidal, Yochi, Natali Rey, Kazush, passover,Ben Franco, Project Club Los Angeles, DJ, Electronic Dance Music, EDM, House Music, Dance Music, Electro House, LG Enterprises,
Passover party 2019

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Asi Vidal Control LA Avalon Hollywood April 5 2019 electro club techno house dance music EDM future House, Deep Dark trance psy
Control LA Avalon Hollywood
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03-23-19  Globe Theatre Los Angeles 

Purim 2019 flyer Asi Vidal Los Angeles party at globe theatre
Purim 2019 flyer
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02-14-19 Valentine’s Day Party 
Asi Vidal flyer valentaine's party
valentine’s party
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12-31-18 Massive New Year 2019
Asi Vidal New Year 2019 dj producer remixer Los Angeles based top 100 dj new year 2019
New Year 2019

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12-08-18 Globe Theatre Los Angeles
Asi Vidal Hanukkah 2018 at globe Theatre
Hanukkah party 2018

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09-08-18 Paloma Hollywood Los Angeles
Asi Vidal Paloma Hollywood Rosh Hashanah Party 2018 Los Angeles
Rosh Hashanah Party 2018 Los Angeles

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07-28-18 Elevation Bar Van Nuys
Elevate #2 with Asi Vidal and Friends
Elevate #2 with Asi Vidal and Friends

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06-30-18 Elevation Bar Van Nuys
Elevate house party Asi Vidal
Elevate House Party
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05-31-18 Le Jardin Club with Perplex (Pure Vida)
Summer Opening Party Asi Vidal at le garden los angeles with perplex
Summer Opening Party
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04-21-18 Globe Theatre Los Angeles with the Gipsy Kings
Indipendendet party 2018 Globe Theatre LA Asi Vidal event in Los Angeles
Independent party 2018 Globe Theatre LA

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03-29-18 Station Station1640 Los Angeles with Ori Rubin
Asi Vidal @ Station1640 hollywood los angeles March 29
Asi Vidal @ Station1640 March 29
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03-03-18 Globe Theatre with Alon De Loco
asi vidal
purim festival 

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12-31-17 Chinese Theatre Los Angeles with DJ Skazi

Asi Vidal NYS 2018 party in Los Angeles flier
Asi Vidal NYS 2018 flier

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The family of Lone Soldiers Party

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Lone soldiers party flier
Lone soldiers party flier

12-16-17: Globe Theatre LA with DJ YAHEL


Hanukah 2017 with DJ Yahel,Asi Vidal,Skazi,Shay Silver, Yochi, Semio, Natali flier
Hanukah 2017 with DJ Yahel flier